Being Up 0.8 This Week Does Not Take Away My Non-Scale Victories!!

Yes Indeed, last week on WW started with a Non-Scale Victory when I had my first annual Check-Up since The Pandemic with my brand new doctor, who gave me some great advice about staying healthy, losing my Pandemic weight and taking care of myself during my Winter season. Last week on WW ended with a Non-Scale Victory when my Podiatrist told me that my feet and the calluses are very much less of an issue each time I see him. They were bad when I first walked into his office almost 8 years ago. But more importantly, they my calluses were worse when I started my WW 15 years ago this Thursday because I struggled to walk even one mile.

However, I had a couple of challenges along the way which not only caused me to slip up. But also forced to take two days of rest in a row in the exercise department. However, another major NSV came out of it when I am having less of a struggle to fit into my Uniform pants at work flow and a few other clothes I had not been able to wear in quite a while.

All of that, and I had enjoyed my first slice of Pizza from my favorite Pizza restaurant in a long time. I have not been eating out that much because of The Pandemic. But at the same time, I cook most of my food at home in order to save money.

So for my brand new WW week, I am on vacation for both my upcoming birthday and WW anniversary celebrations. So for now, I look forward to having extra hours of sleep and hopefully, more time for longer workouts. My birthday will be most special because of some big event going on. But I have discovered in recent years, I will be careful about bringing that up.

In the meantime, I am still 14.5 away from returning to my new Goal and Pre-Pandemic weight of 203 and as long as I keep going with my WW journey, I will get there!

Down 1.9 This Week!!

I feel like I am on a roll now. But of course, I do not want to get carried away. One of the things I was most mindful was the sugar. In other words, I did not bring sweets or candies that sound like a good food treat now, but pay for it with the scale later. As far as activity is concerned, I did a lot of walking and doing more Abdominal Training with my Fitness DVD library as I had noticed my Belly got a little bigger doing the Pandemic. But at the same time, get some exercise in before bedtime.

My brand new WW week got off to a great start when I had my annual physical with my new General Doctor and was informed that everything with me is normal. That is one big Non-Scale Victory I am proud of. In addition, I am also in the middle of restocking on what I need to stay successful including a brand new Dairy and Almond Milk Blend from Real Farms, which is 3 Points per cup that I absolutely love. Now, it is all about the meal prepping.

So as of this moment, I am 13.7 away from my New Goal & Pre-Pandemic weight of 203. I focusing more on the water by having both Bottled and Sparkling water in my side of the house. Of course, honest tracking with my food, measuring my Portions and being as active as possible will all play a role in how soon I will return to 203. However, no matter how long it takes, I will never give up!!

I Have Maintained On New Year’s Day!!

Up 0.2 or Maintaining is not bad for this week’s weigh-in and an excellent start to 2021!!

Last week on WW, I was working on changing things up a bit with meals mixed some of my favorite WW products and I even enjoyed some of my cousin’s Christmas dinner. However, I took a couple of days of rest in the exercise department. So even if I was not exercising as much as I would have wanted, I was getting more rest. One day of rest was focusing on walking out in the bitter cold for restocking on my food and 2 weeks of meal prepping. The other day was because I did not get enough sleep the night before.

Now, please do not ask me what my New Year’s resolution is because since starting my WW journey, I did not feel the need to make any. However, I am focusing to losing these last 18 1/2 pounds to return to my Ultimate Goal weight of 200 even. But lose enough weight so that I can fit better into my clothes.

For my brand new WW week, I have recently treated myself to a brand new bathroom scale (pictured here) and I love it already because it reminds of the scales at the WW In-Person workshops, which I miss so much. I will continue with any Virtual WW workshops that my schedule and time permits me to attend. In the meantime, I am getting rid of my old scale, which I had just noticed was lying to me. Of course, the food department, I will continue to mix things up and continue this journey to getting back the happy me that I was before this Pandemic started!!

I wish to you all of you Folks a Happy, Healthy, Joyous, Blessed and Safe New Year. May God bless you all in 2021 and let us crush our WW Goals!!

Down 1.4 On Christmas Day!!

I must confess that I was not going to do any weighing in this week because I wanted to enjoy Christmas with the family and the holiday dinner they are planning to cook. However, last Saturday I had chosen to weigh in on a Saturday because I was not happy with what the number on the scale said. However, this week, I did the work in cleaning up my Environment and taking over that space. But one WW Basic I had not done in a long time was to bring some WW products into my house and add them on to my meals at home. The reason being, of course, is because I had not been to any WW In-Person workshop since this Pandemic started and I choose to continue attending Virtual workshops until either this Pandemic is over or I return to my Goal weight.

Speaking of Goal weight, I am now a little over 10 away from my temporary Goal weight and 18.4 away from my Ultimate Goal weight of 200 even. A couple of other tweaks that I want to do for this final WW week of 2020 is to find a low fat salad dressing other than Ranch or Caesar for my at-home salads. I had already found lower in Points versions of ice cream and recently found a new milk that is 3 Points per cup that is a blend of Almond and Lactose Free Dairy.

I refuse to wait for this Pandemic to be over and I refuse to wait until the Inauguration of President Elect Joe Biden to start seeing a light at the end of this tunnel. My light at the end of this tunnel starts right now!


I Cannot Believe I am Up Another 1.8…..

…..but I refuse to let the scale tell me how I am feeling right now. The scale has gotten me really upset and frustrated throughout this Pandemic. Some of the clothes in my wardrobe are still a struggle to button up. But I know I will return to my Goal weight soon. Especially now that recent changes (that I will not post publicly at this time) will give me more control over how I set up my environment, how I organize my time and more importantly, what I put into my mouth. We are less than one week away from Christmas. However, I need to clear my head right now from why the scale has not been moving in my direction.

Last week, I did track everything I put into my mouth. However, Activity was a big challenge. Life happening and then, a recent snow storm here in NYC made it tough for me to get movement in. However, my workouts throughout the snow storm were Leslie Sansone’s 3 Mega Miles on Wednesday & Crunch’s Fat Burning Blast DVD’s on Thursday. In the meantime, 2020 was a year that one thing I had feared would happen to me did happen, thanks to this Pandemic. Of course, I am talking about my weight creeping up on me. I have now gained 19.8 pounds since this Pandemic. I am ashamed at myself because of my Pandemic gain weight. But at the same time, I am proud of myself for not giving up and keeping my WW journey moving.

Here is to a Better 2021 when I will get rid of everything that went wrong during the Pandemic. My 19.8 weight gain, my unexpected financial woes and so on!

One Not-So-Big Change Coming To My WW Journey!

With recent changes in my Personal life happening, I had chosen to move my Weigh-In day back to Saturdays. One reason is I feel I have more control over my environment, meaning more control over what I put into my mouth. The second reason is I had recently found out that my regular WW In Person workshop has changed its hours recently. But I will sticking with my rotation of WW Virtual workshops for now until this Pandemic is over. I have not attended any WW Virtual Workshop is a long time because I have been so busy preparing for my recent living changes. Finally and most importantly, when I stepped on the scale this morning, my food and my dinner from last night’s dinner travelled with me to the scale. But at the same time, I have been outside in a couple of days, due to caretaking duties and a recent Snow Storm here in NYC. However, hopefully, my next weigh-in will see a better number than what I have been seeing in recent weeks. As always, I will keep you posted.

Why Taking Back My Self Spirit Is More Important Than Ever for Me This Christmas!

Aside from putting together my first ever Christmas Tree, I took a couple of neighborhood walks in order to restock on the things I need in order to stay successful while working the program. However, my mind was playing tricks on me as I worked on clearing my head from everything that went wrong at weigh-in and everything that went wrong last week on WW. I also got meal prepping done to the tune of Grilled chicken breast tenderloins with whole wheat pasta and Spinach. I am going to get rid of this Pandemic weight one way or another, no matter how long it takes me to do it. But importantly, I have made it to Goal weight once and I have returned to Goal weight twice! Even if I do not earn a Blue Dot on my WW app for staying within my Healthy Eating Range, I had chosen not to waste any time getting back to my Basics. I will be gentle with myself and do my next steps in baby steps. Despite that 2020 has been a terrible year for a lot of us, Christmas 2020 does not have to be terrible for me. Hopefully, I will have some scale Victories and Non scale Victories to report by then.

Up 1.2 This Week, I am Now Really Frustrated!

Last week on WW, I was too lazy to do meal prepping because tons of Thanksgiving leftovers and foods I did not even thought about eating got in the way. I know I was very active last week with the walking and regular exercise. Some days, I was drinking my water more than others. But I was also flirting with sweet things that I did not track. But at the same time, I did one of The FIRM DVD’s for the first time in a long time, where it alternated between Cardio, Strength Training and Abdominal Training. I was also doing a lot of cleaning around the house as I prepare for a new phase in my life, which I cannot and will not post publicly at this time.

But my unfortunate reality right now is that not since 2014, when I first came out as a gay man after dealing with a whole bunch of life storms, have I been this upset with myself as I have now gained a Total of 18 Pounds throughout the Pandemic. I struggle to fit into some of my clothes right now. But I refuse to but bigger size clothes because even though I am very angry at myself because of everything that went wrong during my WW journey in this Pandemic, I strongly remind myself that I will return to Goal weight once again & I have done that twice.

So for my brand new WW week, I am going to get my meal prepping on before my weekend is over, as well as clear out some of the foods that I refuse to eat. I have started this new week by putting a Christmas Tree in the living room. That will not only bring a little Christmas Spirit into my house. But will also bring a little Self Spirit into myself as I now begin my next BIG comeback! I will return to where I want to be soon. The only thing I cannot control is how soon I will get there.

Down 0.2 This Week & Proud Myself!

Last week on WW was filled with Leftovers from Thanksgiving Day Dinner broken up into various meals, unexpected surprises and the everyday challenges of life. Even if I chosen to take a No-Weigh-In-Pass the day after Thanksgiving, I would have been Up anyway. So this week, I am very thrilled that I had lost a stick of butter of what I had gained after Thanksgiving Dinner. Believe it or Not, I still have 6 more to go before I get out of the 210’s and to my Temporary Goal weight. I have slowly, but surely returned to my regular exercise routine, depending on how I organize my time. For my brand new WW week, I will be focusing on more lean proteins and less sugar. In other words, the creamer in my house right now is Coffee Mate Original Liquid Creamer, as opposed to the more sweeter versions that I LOVE such as Snickers, Funfetti and even Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Also, to start bringing back tea to my menu. I had recently purchased Green Tea and figured out how to make it enjoyable for me. Of course, water will be depending on how I organize my time with that, just as with my daily workouts. I have a lot of be proud of for keeping my WW journey with this Pandemic still going on because Throwing in the towel is never be an option for me!

December 2020!

This month is going to be a challenging one, I can tell. Here in my neighborhood, Rockaway Beach, New York, Winter came early. Plus, we are in the Pandemic. But I continue to work on being positive on life in General and my WW journey. I have gained 17 pounds this year. So that alone made this a terrible year for me. However, my long term Goal for this month is to very simply, keep it moving. The scale will eventually catch up with my efforts. I will soon fit into some of the clothes I cannot fit into right now because of the weight I had gained. Life will get better in my favor. I have to keep the faith and stay focused!